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When a hip-hop artist chooses his/her moniker there is usually a thought process involved in the selection. For Atlanta native, Navyvadius Cash that thought process involved tapping into his confidence and ambition to give himself the all caps name of: FUTURE. So how could we deny devoting a week to someone this driven? The answer is we couldn't and that's why from November 8th to November 11th we are covering the past, present and FUTURE. You may know him from his hit single featuring Drake, "Tony Montana," or his work on YC's BET Hip-Hop Award nominated smash, "Racks." Now after years of making a name for himself on the mixtape circuit, the Epic Records artist is grinding even harder as he gears up for the forthcoming release of his debut album, Pluto.


Today we launch with The Questions where FUTURE dropped a few one-liners about his clothing line, Freebandz Apparel, what he needs in a woman, what his sunglasses hide and more.



My past is...behind me and now is the FUTURE.


My present is...Epic Records.


My future is...Freebandz Apparel, which is my clothing line that I'm designing.


The most important lesson I've learned from the streets is...keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.


The hardest thing for me to change is...to cut my hair. I've been growing it for 10 years.


Tony Montana and I share this in common....the struggle. We both had to overcome things to make it. He came to America and worked his way up from the bottom to create an empire.


My favorite meal is...black-eyed peas.


To win me over a woman needs to...cater to my needs. She has to know how to cook and give a nice backrub.


My sunglasses are essential because...I don't want to be figured out 'cause I want it to be about the music, not if I'm high or sober.


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November 8, 2011NewsComments10190 Views