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We highly doubt that centuries ago when legendary poet and playwright, William Shakespeare was crafting "Romeo & Juliet," that it ever crossed his mind he would one day inspire lyrics about a gangsta named, Tony Montana. Yet, that's exactly what has occurred as Shakespeare is one of FUTURE's greatest influences, along with Too Short. For FUTURE the bard gets props for knowing how to effectively put his words together. "I loved how the words were so powerful and how it could make someone feel you. That's when I knew words were positive in how you put them together," he said. Today FUTURE selects his top 3 hip-hop songs, which have that powerful Shakespeare factor and would make the scribe proud.


Artist: Queen Latifah

Song: "U.N.I.T.Y."

The Shakespeare Factor: "You know what she is talking about by what she is saying."



Artist: Slick Rick

Song: "Children's Story"

The Shakespeare Factor: "You know he is talking about when you listen to the song because he describes everything from what he had on to what he did. He painted a picture of people walking down the street."



Artist: 2Pac

Song: "Dear Mama"

The Shakespeare Factor: "He shows how much he loves his mama no mater what she did and you're a strong black woman no matter what."




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November 9, 2011NewsComments