The Takeover - Live at The TLA

November 28, 2011Comments

While Black Friday is mainly associated with fighting your way through retail store entrances and fending off aggressive shoppers, SODA, BLONDEGANG, SOS and Theodore Grams made it all about the music during their concert at The Theatre of Living Arts (TLA) in Philadelphia. JimmyJazz.com was on hand to witness the live show, which was delivered to a sold-out crowd.



Theodore Grams kicked off a highly energetic set with the crowd chanting "Baby Jesus," in between songs. Grams' intense lyrical delivery captured the crowd even as he ran overtime. His set ended in clouds of smoke with his huge entourage onstage bringing the energy level to a high.



We didn't think the energy couldn't get any more powerful but in true fashion, SODA and SOS took it into the stratosphere. With a live band backing them, SODA and SOS launched into their songs with confidence, wit and a few tricks up their sleeves. One of those tricks included a costume change by SODA for the song, "Straight Outta Condoms," where he retuned on stage as Eazy-E. It was a moment that had the audience in laughter as they nodded their heads along to the up-tempo song. SODA and SOS then performed a tribute to Heavy D where they recreated his classic old school dance moves in a fun homage to the legend. However no moment was more memorable then their performance of "D.T.F." The tongue-in-cheek song featured SODA performing in pink underwear over camouflage pants and ended with blasts of confetti, squirrel meat on stage and miniature blow-up dolls thrown into the audience. Now that is showmanship.



BLONDEGANG next took the stage as the audience was lit with vibrant glow sticks. It wasn't just a colorful set thanks to the glow sticks or the group's various hair colors. BLONDEGANG added plenty of color with their dynamic performance and songs, which had the audience reciting many of the lyrics. Not once did the standing room only crowd appear tired as they could have gone on forever listening to the night's acts. But alas, the show came to an end for a successful night of some of underground hip-hop's most promising new talents. Check out some of the photos below.


November 28, 2011Comments