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My Favorite Recipes w/SODA


If you didn't know it by now, SODA, BLONDEGANG, SOS and Theodore Grams is quite an eclectic bunch. So what better way to dive headfirst into the root of their eccentricities by asking them to select their favorite _________. SODA kicks things off with his most scrumptious, most delicious and most decadent Thanksgiving Day recipes. Yeah, he cooks but we're not sure we'd want to put our digestive system to the test with a bowl of these entrees.


Dirty Macaroni

Ingredients: Dirt, cheese, macaroni and greatness

"This is a real recipe. It is a staple because it brings the family together. A little dirt doesn't hurt. I recommend that you get your dirt from the nearest garden or under the rug. Dirt is hard to find these days since it is a recession."


Squirrel Meat

Ingredients: A squirrel, nuts and your imagination

"Find a squirrel and make meat. To catch a squirrel you need to use squirrel lingo. Say 'Give 'em some of these.' Then the squirrel says 'What's these?' You say 'Nuts.' After that you grab your squirrel and make meat out of it."


My Favorite Blondes w/BLONDEGANG


Marilyn Monroe

"She is a fashion icon and a bad girl. She went against the grain and did her own thing. She played like dudes said I will mess with that dude and that dude 'cause that's what she wanted to do."



Billy Idol

"His music is heavy rock with lots of screaming and wailing like on 'Rebel Yell.' He puts lots of energy into his performances. That's one of the formulas we looked at for inspiration. He also had great style with his hair spiked up and wearing leather jackets."



Ric Flair

"He was flamboyant and he can kick your ass. He is the champion of wrestling and talked a whole lot of s*** and smacked the s*** out of people. Everybody loves Ric Flair."



My Favorite Producers w/SOS


The Neptunes

Song: "Lap Dance" recorded by N.E.R.D.

"They are the first ones to bridge super gangsta music with something totally different. They opened that whole door to the hood to do different stuff like rock out on a song and then have drummer beats. They went anywhere with it."




Song: "Big Pimpin'" recorded by Jay-Z feat. UGK

"He has the best drums in the world and it very rhythmic. He found all of those Middle Eastern sounds and it is different. That always makes greatness."



Quincy Jones

Song: "Off the Wall" recorded by Michael Jackson

"He made hits for generations and generations and it never stops. His music gives a good feeling and sticks with you even days later."



My Favorite Inspirations w/Theodore Grams



Song: "Liquid Sword," recorded by Wu-Tang Clan

"He has so much creativity. He took the concept of Wu-Tang Clan and mixed it with old Chinese movies that had a lot of meaning to it. He put it in the music through the drum patterns and samples to follow a storyline."



Oprah Winfrey

"She is a capitalist. She can capitalize on any type of situation."



David Guetta

Song; "Where Them Girls At," recorded by Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida

"I like the way he mixes his songs and makes it feel in the club and car. He differentiates his music for various types of environments."


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November 23, 2011NewsComments