The Takeover - Past, Present and FUTURE

November 11, 2011NewsComments

Well we've learned quit a lot about FUTURE over the past few days. He loves a good backrub, if Shakespeare was a hip-hop artist they'd probably do a collaboration and you can learn excellent leadership skills from Nino Brown. But what about the past, present and FUTURE? To cap our weeklong obsession with FUTURE we are digging into his past as he talks leaving the street life behind; why he is so grateful for the present and why mogul is the one word that describes his future.


On the past:

"Back in the day I was running wild with no structure. I was trying to live that hustler lifestyle and take care of my family. When I got shot in my hand at 16 I learned how to tell who your friends are and who is good for you or not. It was somebody around me who I thought was my friend that set it up.


But I continued the street life after being shot. It made my attitude worse and I didn't care anymore. It was like why be a good guy in a world of so much evil. But I started to focus on music when I felt like I lived the street life for a long time and saw that there were too many ups and downs in it. I realized that I had to grow and that God would bless me in a major way once I gave up the streets."


On the present:


"The turning point in my life is being able to travel out the country when I went to the Dominican Republic. In some parts over there they don't always have water or electricity in the house. Seeing the different culture can humble you and make you thankful for all you have. So it helps you open your eyes to other people and know how good you have it. That's why I feel like now my career is going to the next step."


On the future:


"My hopes are to make sure my label is off the ground, for the clothing line to be over a $100 million company ten years from now and to be in some movies. I want to be a mogul."

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November 11, 2011NewsComments