The Takeover-A Thanksgiving Day to Remember

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The Takeover-A Thanksgiving Day to Remember w/SODA


It's turkey day, which means lots of food and full bellies that will wreak havoc on a few bowel systems. It also means a few, err awkward moments with your alcoholic aunt, creepy uncle and annoying cousins. But hey, isn't that what Thanksgiving Day is all about? A time to get together and create some memories that you'll treasure or pray to forget. Today SODA, Blonde Gang, SOS and Theodore Grams are telling us their favorite Thanksgiving Day tales. Pass the peas!


SODA: Wop! Bam! Boom!

"My cousin made a plate and it was humungous. She then sat in the chair and exploded as all four-chair legs broke down. The plate went all up in the air and she grabbed all the food. That was a good Thanksgiving right there."


BLONDEGANG: Who You Callin' Turkey?

"We had a down south trip in Opa-Locka, Florida. We hunted a turkey and grilled one, fried one and boiled one. This is a true story."


SOS: Kids Say the Craziest Things

"My youngest brother was ten and we had out-of-town cousins come with their newborn baby. Somebody commented earlier that the baby wasn't cute and my youngest brother heard them. So as we were sitting at the table my cousins asked if anybody wanted to see the baby. My brother said, 'Nobody wants to see that baby. You know he is ugly.' We all got quiet and were shocked. We all acted like it didn't happen and went along with the day."


Theodore Grams: I Got the Munchies

"We all go to thanksgiving dinner in New Jersey and we always sneak out to go smoke before we eat. I eat a lot and it helps me digest my food pretty well. The cold wind and cold weather helps get the scent off and we might spray something in the air to get rid of the smell too."


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November 25, 2011NewsComments127 Views