Talib Kweli: Forget the Illuminati and Get Enlightened

January 31, 2011NewsComments291 Views

By Talib Kweli


I really wish my fellow hip-hop fans would stop wasting time trying to figure out which one of their favorites artists are in the Illuminati. It's such a distraction and such a juvenile waste of time. Of course secret societies exist, and of course there are forces against us, but they are only as powerful as you allow them to be. The most crab in a bucket thing to do in the world is assume some rapper has enough power to even be in something like that or to somehow oppress you. We have enough real actual issues in the hood that need addressing like infant mortality, addiction, obesity, police brutality, high murder rates and lack of literacy without people making YouTube videos of imaginary ones. If you can't tell me an author's history or motive then you shouldn't accept what they say as fact. Step away from the blogs and read a real book by someone who studies for a change. That's it. Rant done.



Do you agree with Talib that we need to focus less on the Illuminati and more on the issues within our own community?


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January 31, 2011NewsComments291 Views