Tank: Love, Pimping and Trust

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By Souleo. Love, masculine confidence, broken hearts and of course, sex. These are a few of the topics and traits that define the music and persona of R&B singer-songwriter and producer (Monica, Jamie Foxx), Tank. It's been three years since his last release but Tank is retuning to the spotlight with his forthcoming album, Now or Never. Tank took some time to speak with JimmyJazz.com about the aforementioned topics and traits that define who he is. Read on to learn how his career has led to trust issues in his relationships, his controversial statement on why men are weaker than women, his surprisingly playful side, how his Midwest roots are responsible for his "pimping" swagger and more.


On why women don't trust him:

For women it's a real concern that I entertain so many women on so many levels. At some point it has to be a problem and it's hard to maintain a healthy relationship. So I have to prove myself as being trustworthy. Sometimes its like if you don't trust me and will assume things why don't I just do it anyway. So trust has to be there or it can't work.


On why men are not as strong as women:


We couldn't deal with three fourths of what we put women through. They were created to be the glue in the household to make sure the children are raised right and that the men had a happy home to come back home to. That's how women were created. We were created to be workers and its thought we are supposed to be tough and fight wars but with women we are the weakest thing ever. We are so not in tune with emotions that when something emotional happens to us we don't know how to deal with it.

On the state of relationships today:


I think everyone has gotten away from commitment and responsibility. Everybody is trying to do them but in doing that you have to be mindful of the people that you hurt and the casualties left behind. When you put your word on something that should mean something. No one wants to work and they only look out for themselves and only create this selfish thing. That's why I do my music to restore faith in love and relationships.


On the Tank you've never known:


I'm just a big kid. I like to have fun, laugh and go to the movies and play an occasional game of freeze tag. I'm always laughing, smiling and cracking jokes. I don't take myself too seriously. People see the serious photos and muscles and think I'm really serious but I'm the first one cracking the jokes.

On where he gets his swagger from:


I would watch my undock get ready and throwing on cologne and talking the slick talk. He had the confidence that everything would work. He says he raised me and showed me the ropes. I would be nobody without him. Plus I'm from the Midwest and out there they got their pimping together.


Every man should feel good about himself and what he ahs to offer. It's all about how you work it. I choose to believe in mine and in turn people believe.


Check out Tank's single, "Sex Music" here:

October 6, 2010NewsComments118 Views