Teairra Mari Keeps it Simple, Stupid

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By Souleo. Sometimes it takes a woman time before she grows confident enough to disregard trends in favor of determining the direction of her own style.  Singer and actress, Teairra Mari is one of those women.  After years of blindly following the style advice of others she's come to stand firm in her own fashion sense as displayed in the promotional images for her forthcoming album, At That Point.


"When I first came out I wore whatever I was given.  I would say it's cute even if I didn't like it so long as everyone else said wear it.  Then I started listening to myself and what I like to wear and I'm more anal about it now," she reflected.


Teairra's style is now composed of chic looks that blend sophistication and simplicity to accentuate her naturally stunning looks.


"My style is K.I.S.S.: keep it simple, stupid.  You don't have to do too much.  You're good to go with jeans, a simple T-shirt with your best necklace, cute stud earrings, a bad ring and some jamming shoes.  I still have my days where I mess up 'cause I do like to experiment but for the most part I go with what I feel."


Lately Teairra has been experimenting with beaded shirts, dresses and shoes but read below for her top three main style essentials.




"Lip gloss or lip stick.  I love Mac matte instead of glossy.  On my down days I don't like glossy lips that much.  I use glossy more so when I'm going out or being flashy.  It's simple but it makes a statement."




"Shades.  It doesn't matter so long as they fit my face cute.  I like big circle shades or aviators.  You always need that for one day when you're caught with no make-up."




"Earrings.  I love chandelier earrings or the flamboyant kind of stud earrings like designer studs.  I learned from Tyra Banks that you could look your worse but if somebody comes up and you have all these things you look expensive."



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April 5, 2010NewsComments129 Views