Terrance Dean’s Juiciest Advice

March 3, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. Yesterday, we introduced you to best-selling author, Terrance Dean’s new weekly advice column on hellobeautiful.com, “Straight, from your Gay Best Friend.” Now he is back to share with us the juiciest advice he has been given about sex, relationships, work and living the fabulous life. After all even an expert needs someone to run to.

On where he goes for advice:

I have a spiritual mother and many spiritual people who are mentors and have helped me such as Iyanla Vanzant and her husband, Adeyemi Bandele. I know when to cleanse and how to go to that place where I can regroup and get to where I'm supposed to be.

On the best advice he’s been given about sex:

People don’t communicate their needs and wants and how they need it. So if you can’t communicate that before sex then know it is just sex. It’s not love, it doesn’t mean I like you or anything else. Now if after sex you discuss all that then sex can be even greater to the tenth power.

On the best advice he’s been given about relationships:

I was in love with this guy and it became very volatile emotionally and physically abusive and we broke up twice. My spiritual godmother told me that I’ve done that already and why in the next relationship don’t I look for someone from a loving background. We all go to what’s familiar for us with people who come from the same drama and experiences and that’s not always healthy.

On the best advice he’s been given about work:

My friends hate me for this but if you don’t like your job: quit. I don’t have time for complaints. That wears me out to no end.

On the best advice he’s been given about living the fabulous life:

Have fun and enjoy each and every moment. If you don't then you miss out on the possibilities. Also surround yourself with those living the life. If you hang with broke people you end up being broke too.

For more information on Terrance’s column please visit: http://hellobeautiful.com/author/terrancedean/

March 3, 2010NewsComments