Things You Didn't Know About Rick Ross

March 26, 2014Comments340 Views
Things You Didn't Know About Rick Ross

There's more to Rick Ross than hip hop chops. The rapper recently revealed some fascinating facts about his life in an interview with Us magazine.

First off, he admitted that he only sleeps two to three hours every night. So how does he get through the recording process with so little rest? He relieves stress with video games. In fact, he's quite the collector, and owns every vintage game, including Coleco.

He apparently has a penchant for ink, too, with more than 500 different designs. He got his first tattoo when he was just 13.

Rick Ross isn't his real name, either - it's William Roberts. Which is interesting considering Meek Mill, who Rozay signed, is actually named Robert Williams.

Even though the Boss has traveled around the world eight times, he still claims Miami is the most beautiful city. 

He also revealed in the interview that his favorite rapper is Ice Cube. Complex magazine pointed out that Ross has previously listed Tupac, Jay Z, Birdman and Diddy.

Are you surprised by some of this info?

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March 26, 2014Comments340 Views