TIME breaks down best inventions of 2012

November 7, 2012NewsComments132 Views
TIME breaks down best inventions of 2012

This year has seen a lot of ups and downs, though one area that remained on the rise is technology. From smartphones to cars that can drive themselves, times seem to be changing and people are working to keep up with the advancements. TIME Magazine recently broke down the top 50 best inventions to happen in 2012 and some people may be excited to learn what they've been missing out on.

Lytro Light Field Camera
The magazine reports this sleek and innovative consumer-grade camera is both flashy and ultra cool. Not only is the camera able to focus on multiple points in an image, but it can do so and make other changes to the picture after it's been snapped. This takes apps like Instagram to a whole new level. Fans can get their hands on one sometime in 2013.

Hello Siri
Although some fans of Apple may have been less than impressed with the Siri feature, TIME still thinks she's pretty cool. The commercials, which feature various celebrities asking Siri obvious questions like "is it going to rain?" while looking out the window at rain, may not do it justice, as the feature is actually quite helpful. Siri acts as a virtual assistant, allowing people with the iPhone 4S and newer models to set reminders, send text messages and look up information hands free.

Holograph mapping
Most people were amazed when they saw the hologram of Tupac at Coachella either in person or online as the image was able to emulate his body language and mannerisms. Although the feature may be used again - it's been reported a hologram of the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez could be used to for a TLC reunion tour - holograms have also been implemented in the world of geography. Scientists have started using computer pipers satellite imagery from a projector that goes over sandboxes. The color-coded areas show where to move the sand to create real life hills, mountains and valleys.

Self-inflating tires
There is nothing worse than getting a flat tire, and in this day and age, people might not have to worry about it again. Goodyear has created a line of tires that know when air pressure gets too low and then fixes the problem themselves. The tires have an internal pressure regulator that opens when tires get low, allowing air to flow into a pumping tube. As drivers move on the road, the air gets squeezed from a tube to an inlet valve into the tire. When the tire is at the optimal air level again, the regulator closes by itself.

Other cool inventions to check out include the motion-activated screwdriver, indoor clouds and the Deepsea Challenger Submarine. 

November 7, 2012NewsComments132 Views