Tina Knowles wants to make you hot

May 14, 2012NewsComments169 Views
Tina Knowles wants to make you hot

Tina Knowles, mother of Beyonce and Solange, is no stranger to the world of fashion. The fabulous woman is the co-creator of the women's urban clothes line House of Dereon and was responsible for creating many of the Destiny's Child ensembles the ladies wore to award shows and in music videos. However, Knowles recently discussed a new business venture - her clothing line for fashionable ladies over 50, BET reports.

Knowles announced that she will be launching a collection while visiting the set of Good Morning NYC

"Miss Tina is a line born from me needing to find clothes," Knowles said during the interview. "After 50, you start wanting a little room in the shoulders and just clothes that really fit well. I joke all the time that I am a grandmother, but I don't want to look like a grandmother."

StyleList.com reports Miss Tina will start off as a 30-piece collection that includes everything from dresses and skirts to track suits and tops. Knowles is also making sure to include women of all sizes in her designs - making pieces from size 2 to 20.

"My frustration in shopping was always trying to find sizes," Knowles told the news outlet. "Most stores only carry up to a size 12 or a 14 and they go so quickly. If a woman can't find something, she gets frustrated." We can use different-sized fit models and create things that fit a range of sizes. Whether you're a size 2 or a 22, you deserve good fashion."

During her Good Morning NYC appearance, the mega-mother also discussed her Mother's Day plans during the visit, saying she would be spending time with both of her daughters as well as her grandson, 7-year-old Juelz and new grandbaby Blue Ivy.

"We'll all be together and it'll be Beyonce's first Mother's Day so we're very excited about that," Knowles told the news anchors. "I hope to be cooking. I like cooking. Definitely some creole cuisine, gumbo, soul food. That's my specialty."

May 14, 2012NewsComments169 Views