Top 10 JJ Releases that Dominated 2013

December 31, 2013KicksComments1527 Views

By Ashli Prescott

It's no surprise that Jordans govern the countdown of our most hyped releases of the year.  We dug deep into our archives to come up with a compilation of the most desired, coveted, and sought after drops of the year. We're talking site-crashing, server-monopolizing, gotta-have kicks.  There were so many big ones that we had to cut the list down to the ones that you, our consumers, most copped.


At the top of our countdown is the Retro 5 "Grape" coming in at number 10. These WWII Mustang Fighter plane inspired kicks first made their debut back in 1990 (in the white color way) coinciding with Bulls head coach Doug Collins replacement by Phil Jackson. This signified change and new hope for new management.

Even more beloved were the Fear Pack Retro 3 and 4 that dropped back in August, at the #9 and #8 spots. The story behind these was that these represent the way Michael Jordan shredded (and terrorized) his opponents on the court. It has come to light that the term "fear" when talking about these kicks comes from a much more enlightened place. According to Sneakernews.com, Michael explains how the fear within himself to stay motivated and surpass his own greatness brought him to his knees before each game.

Our #7 release of the year comes to us on behalf of West Philadelphia; the Retro 5 "Bel Air" edition.  Everyone loved the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and when Jordan dropped a sleek, suede sneaker with the famed neon Bel Air colors donned by Will Smith, they were an instant must-have.

The Retro X "Steel" comes in at #6 on our list because it was an original colorway and all sneaker heads love to get their hands on anything OG. Since its first release in 2005, The Jordan Retro 10 "Steel" has had a white leather body with steel grey and black accents on the lace pod and sole. The grey rubber stripes on bottom of the sole are inscribed with years and accomplishments of Michael's, citing championships, MVP titles, and phrases like "90: scores 69 PTS" and "88' Dunk Champ."

At #5, we have the Lebron XI "Away." Released on the first of November, these shoes were a hot ticket item because of their popular body style and regal university red finish.

The Retro 5 "Oreo" and Retro 12 "Taxi" come in at our (respective) #4 and #3 spots. Sneakerheads called in days before their releases to acquire every detail, including whether they would be available in smaller sizes and at what exact time would they be going up on the site. They were lusted for, (as most retro's are) but these two stood out because of the bombardment of inquiries surrounding their drop.  Plus, the 5's provided another chance to cop for those who missed out on the Fear Pack "Oreo" 4's.

Jordan Brand knew what they were doing when they concluded the year with our #2 release: The Retro 1 OG "Bred." It all started with the 1's and like they say, you can never beat a classic.

Our #1 limited release of the year is wildly deserving of its spot because the world went utterly mad over them. The Jordan Retro 11 "Gamma Blue" caused an uproar within the sneakerverse, causing normal human beings to turn into kicks-hungry maniacs. But where there are maniacs, there is passion- and passion is what Michael Jordan and basketball are all about. Sites all over the country struggled to accommodate the traffic overload and anyone attempting to get these online was no stranger to the occasional crash. The Gammas win by TKO this year as they were so sought after, that they caused a public frenzy, making people need them like they need air to breathe.


December 31, 2013KicksComments1527 Views