Trey Songz gets personal

July 5, 2012NewsComments1069 Views
Trey Songz gets personal

Trey Songz is not shy about taking it off, and the old saying, "if you got it, flaunt it," holds true in this situation as the singer has washboard abs. Songz most recently showed off his best features in a gorgeous 14-page spread in the July issue of SELF Magazine.

According to BET, the theme of the shoot was based off of the best selling erotic series "50 Shades of Grey," with the title of the article appropriately titled 50 Shades of Trey. The singer showed off the season's best hip hop clothes and demonstrated that less is more alongside model Eve.

During the shoot, Songz opened up about life and his soon-to-be released fifth album, Chapter V, which has already had success with its first single, "Heart Attack." The R&B heartthrob is more than just a pretty face, he also runs a charity called The Angels With Heart Foundation, which works with his fan club, Trey's Angels, to set up clothing drives for those in need. He admitted to SELF that fashion is a big part of his life and it helps shape him as an artist and an individual.

"Dressing sporty shows confidence, and nothing is sexier than confidence," Songz told the news outlet.

Songz added the best way for him to feel confident is by wearing his favorite color - red. Wearing the shade helps him embrace new fashions and new styles without feeling shy or anxious about it.

"A signature color makes you comfortable, even if you're in a new style," the crooner told the publication.

What he looks for in a girl? Songz admits he likes a woman who is a mix between girly and one-of-the-guys, someone who is able to wear a couture gown just as easily as jeans and a t-shirt. Girls that attract him have their own personal style, rather than conforming to the masses.

"Mix styles - girly and mod, classic and club - to create a totally unique look," Songz told the news source. "Then own it!"

Digital Spy reports the crooner may soon be hanging out with one of the most original and beautiful women in the world - Beyonce. Songz told the source he had a great song that he wanted to work with her on for his upcoming album, but it happened around the time she had Blue Ivy, so the song never came about. However, he's optimistic the duo will collaborate in the future.

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July 5, 2012NewsComments1069 Views