TV Review: NBC's "SouthLand"

April 23, 2009NewsComments

SouthLand- NBC Thursdays @ 10pm EST

This show is NBC’s try to find a suitable replacement for the newly retired Thursday night staple ER. Although the commercials currently running for SouthLand, I felt left something to be desired, I decided to give the show a chance and see if all of NBC’s advertising was truly deserved. I actually caught the pilot episode early (and free of charge courtesy of iTunes), and I have to say I was kind of impressed with it.

The cases in this episode were somewhat interesting. I loved the way they portrayed the state of Gang Violence in Los Angeles and the way the people of these neighborhood would rather not be involved with any police questioning as to ensure their own existence although it wasn’t really an original idea but it had a gritty truthfulness to it. The bleeping out of certain four letter words (which kind of sucks if you ask me) and the fact they don’t show the viewers what state a young female victim is in when found by a detective quickly lets you know that this isn’t premium cable programming.

The story lines of main character Officer Ben Sherman and his fellow officers left me still trying to figure out how they all find themselves here, there was never some sort of clear explanation of who they are or any back story just little details, which may work to their advantage because even though I’m not a big fan of non-info I might actually tune back in next episode to give them a chance to give me the info they so left me wanting or maybe just because there really isn’t much on at this time on Thursdays…LOL!! All jokes aside I would totally recommend this show to you, if just for the what the…? Response you will have when a African-American teenage boy goes to see a girl for what’s implied as a booty call and as soon as he steps off the bus finds himself being asked “Hey cuz, where you from?” by 3 Latinos.

Ok people ‘til next time…HaPPy TvNeRdiN!!


Regina King as Detective Lydia Adams on "Southland".

Entire "Southland" cast.

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April 23, 2009NewsComments