Tyra Banks talks hair and beauty

June 11, 2012NewsComments
Tyra Banks talks hair and beauty

Tyra Banks is no stranger to the top trends in hip hop clothes, hair and makeup, so it's no wonder she has some fabulous tips for hot ensembles and hair ideas for ladies this season. Banks recently offered her beauty tips up to BET and women should take note.

According to the news outlet, Banks reports her least favorite part of spring and summer is the humidity that comes with it. Humidity commonly leads to tons of frizz and flyaways, nothing fashionistas want to deal with. Banks suggests ladies looking to avoid this should start by wrapping their hair in the morning and taking it down right before they walk out of the house.

"A bad, bad hair day, I slick my hair back. I put water on it first, a little oil, a little grease, a little vita-pointe, and then I do it in a twist, twirl it around with a million bobby pins, and then I get the little baby hairs around my edges and slick them down with some brown gel, or clear gel, and then I tie a scarf around it," Banks told the news source. "Then, I get in the shower, put my make-up on, get dressed, and right when I'm about to walk out that door I pull it off, and it looks like that was done on purpose."

Banks also opened up about makeup woes that can occur during the warmer months. She told BET her trick it to apply a foundation and then use powder on top to absorb any oil created by the heat. Before leaving the house, she suggests wetting a face cloth and pushing the cloth all over the face to absorb the powder, while helping it set.

"And then throughout the day, don't keep putting powder on top of a greasy face," Banks told the publication. "Take a tissue first and dab it all over your face, then powder yourself after."

The model and reality star has also opened up recently about embracing her curves in a stick-thin industry. Banks wrote an open letter on The Daily Beast describing difficult times early in her modeling career when she was shut down for being too "big." She penned the letter after the editors of Vogue Magazine's 19 international editions pledged to ban models who "appear to have an eating disorder" from appearing in their magazines.

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June 11, 2012NewsComments