Vivian Green: I Am Not My Hair

April 27, 2010NewsComments230 Views

By Souleo. Every time singer-songwriter, Vivian Green returns to the spotlight not only does she have a slightly new sound but she always has a brand new hairstyle to go with it.  The soulful chanteuse first made heads turn with a closely cropped hairstyle; then with her sophomore release she went for a long flowing silky mane; and now with her third release, Beautiful she is rocking an asymmetrical edgy and sophisticated cut.  JimmyJazz.com went down memory lane with Vivian to trace the roots of her hair journey.


A Love Story:

When I signed to Sony it was long.  Then I broke up with my first love around that time and I wanted a new beginning in every way.  So I cut my hair all off.  Sony and my management freaked out when I cut it.  Many people thought that I was making a political or natural hair statement but I wasn't doing that.  I was young and heartbroken and just wanted a new beginning.




Around this time I got pregnant and grew my hair out for the second album.  My hair was in the in-between stage.  I don't like it at that length.  So my hair stylist weaved it and it's fun to do.  So if you want a weave do it.  That was the first time I ever did it and I had fun with it.




For the record, I don't put chemicals in my hair and this new look is all mine.  So fans will love that my hair is full and thick but I'm not making a statement.



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April 27, 2010NewsComments230 Views