Vivica A. Fox: Love & Marriage Part 1 of 3

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By Souleo. Vivica A. Fox, Brian McKnight and Wendy Raquel Robinson all star in the new play about cheating, money and heartbreak, Je'Caryous Johnson's Cheaper to Keep HerJimmyJazz.com got to pick each star's brain to get their advice on the perennial topic of love in this three part series.  To kick things off we start with Vivica.


If there's one Hollywood actress you can always count on to tell is straight with no sugar it's Vivica A. Fox.  Ever since the demise of her relationship with 50 Cent, Vivica's love life has been tabloid fodder so she definitely has some real advice to share about relationships.  Check below as she talks dealing with temptation, why we should all want a prenuptial agreement, keeping it sexy and more.


The fighting temptations:


"You're not dead and will see attractive, handsome, intelligent and intriguing people but if you have a commitment to someone it's about having respect for the other person.  In my past life I've reacted on temptation but that was due to immaturity and wanting the challenge of making the person like me.  Once I got there and realized I was hurting another's feelings I realized this ain't cool to do.  I wouldn't want it done to me.  Karma is a b**** baby!"


Don't be a bag lady:


"I call that luggage.  We all have a tendency to have luggage from our past relationships and sometimes that triggers insecurity and starts arguments.  If something makes you insecure or you have doubts then out of respect you should allow the other person to defend themselves."


We want prenup:

"I feel prenuptial is the best option.  I don't believe in giving somebody half of your money that they never earned.  Get your paper work together boo!  Now if you were a stay at home mom that's different; you can get a clause that disappears after 15 years."


Talk to your lover:


"I learned communication is key.  Sometimes you can be in a relationship and don't even know they are unhappy or things go to the left or they have a wandering eye.  We get so busy in our world with stress and life that we forget to spend time together and date when married and communicate."


Keep it sexy:


"I have a lot of girlfriends that are like my character, Morgan.  They try to be the perfect wife that sometimes they forget the simple thing of keeping the relationship alive and staying sexy.  Guys also have to be romantic.  We have to learn to take care of each other more than just financially."



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March 29, 2010Comments405 Views