A watch says a lot

August 20, 2012NewsComments
A watch says a lot

In today's society, more men are switching up their baggy low-riding jeans in exchange for a more polished look - including blazers, fedoras and fitted mens jeans. Although this seems to be a growing trend and ladies out there may say for the better, one piece of fashion that men have a little wiggle room to show off their individuality with is their watch choices. GQ Magazine recently broke down what a watch says about a man and how the right one can add charm and curb appeal to his overall appearance.

Leather-strap watches

When it comes to watches, guys can never go wrong with leather. That being said, how they wear their leather watches can be judged. Leather watches can be great for the office or even a night out with your girl, but it's crucial to make sure you match the color of the strap with any other pieces of leather in your ensemble. That means the hue should match your belt, shoes or both to look uniform and put together.

The style gurus add that a watch with a plain black or white face and a leather strap is always classic and in fashion.

Real steel

Not into leather? Don't worry, steel-based watches are another style that is always in fashion. Since most steel watch bands look similar, men can show their personalities by the color and detail of the face. Picking out a steel watch with a black, white or navy blue face is a safe bet.Give the watch some personality by selecting one that has sleek bars instead of numbers or one that only showcases all even numbers to keep the look modern, yet still timeless.


The trend among jewelry enthusiasts and watch lovers in 2012 is gold. Yes, gold is at an all time high in terms of cost, but there are nice imitation metals that can look just as legit. From gold-plated options to rose gold and white gold, there is a lot you can do with this precious metal.

With gold-plating, guys need to be careful to keep the watches in good shape, as GQ points out the coating can be less than a millimeter thick, meaning it can rub off easily, exposing basic steel underneath. Rose gold is a more flashy hue as it combines yellow gold with copper for a pink effect. White gold has been popular for years as it resembles silver and platinum with a bit more shine.

If you're looking for more bling, like Birdman's $1.5 million diamond encrusted wrist candy, you may need to go the knock-off route. The rapper told ABlogToRead.com his newest piece of bling was custom made - equipped with an alligator skin strap, thousands of diamonds and a floating "$" motif in the face plate.  

August 20, 2012NewsComments