"We the Party" speaks to today's teens

August 2, 2012NewsComments
"We the Party" speaks to today's teens

Teens today are nothing like those of the 90s or 80s, so cult classics like "The Breakfast Club" and "Can't Hardly Wait" don't really apply to this tech-savvy generation. This is where "We the Party" comes into play, as this film is meant to resonate with the youth of today in the same way previous teen dramas have done before.

BET reports the film, directed by Mario Van Peebles, is set at a Los Angeles high school and follows the day-to-day happenings of five very different students. The kids deal with everything from wearing the right hip hop clothes, to bullying, peer pressure and good old fashion teen love.

Van Peebles opened up about why he wanted to make a film that would resonate with the youth of today. He mainly saw that there was a void in films made about this generation and thought they could use a movie to which they could relate.

"Their world is changing fast," Van Peebles told the news outlet about the world today and the teens living in it. "From their music to their dancing, jerking twerking, skateboarding, dating and Facebooking. Thug Life is old school now and, for some, smart is the new gangsta'!"

AllHipHop.com reports the film has something for everyone, as it follows "hoodrats to homies, heavy-accented Latinos, geeky and Black-acting White boys and even a gay high schooler."

The film stars Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Michael Jai White and Snoop Dogg. Van Peebles' three teen children, Mandela, Makaylo and Maya, were also cast in the movie.

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August 2, 2012NewsComments