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By Souleo. Model Coco is out to prove something and that's that there is more to her than the size of her rump or the fact that she is Ice-T's wife.  To show this other side she's slowly diverting attention away from her physical assets to her other gifts such as designing her own forthcoming Licious jeans line and working on an upcoming superhero novel book series.  Still, Coco can't seem to get away from the controversy and rumors.  In this JimmyJazz.com interview Coco talks it all including not minding being famous for her butt, rumors about her and Ice-T's sex life, her willingness to get more plastic surgery, her near death experience, why she doesn't mind being labeled a dumb blonde and more.


On the Coco you don't know:

People don't see me as wifey.  They see me as a crazy wild party girl.  I cook and clean and scrub toilets and wash my clothes.  I'm not all about the party all the time.  I juggle my husband's career and mine and I handle our calendar.  He has lectures, appearances, interviews, filming and I have my own shoots and everything.  I love it.  Ice tells me to do one thing at a time but I do five at one time and he laughs at me


On being famous for her butt:

I don't mind.  Everyone needs to be known somehow.  J.Lo is known for her butt so why can't Coco be known for her butt?  So no matter if you're a celebrity or not if there's a girl with a big booty who stands out then they'd talk about that one girl.


On the popularity of the big butt:

I think it's gonna be hot for one second and will turn just like anything else.  We have to think of something to talk about and this body part thing will go to another body part at some point.  So I guess ride the train as it's happening.


On plastic surgery:

When I did my boobs I didn't have a mentor and I wish I waited.  So that's why I had to do them again.  I would do more plastic surgery but I am fine right now.  As I get older it just depends on what starts sagging.

On love and relationships before Ice-T:

I've never had problems with love.  I just hook on and am into someone for years.  The boyfriend before Ice we were together for five years.  He was a nerd, worked for Intel and was a body builder guy.  I thought I was in love.  Then when I separated from him and fell in love with Ice it was so different.  He always wanted me around him and I wanted to do the same.  He wanted to go and do my nails and hair with me.  I consider Ice my girlfriend.  I can talk to him about anything.  It's very cool.

On the rumors about her and Ice-T's wild sex life:

I don't mind.  We are a sexy couple in front of and behind the camera.  So that's not a story.  What I don't like is when they talk bad between us.  We have a perfect relationship.  We are just a fun happening couple and people transcend that into being slutty and us having an open relationship which is not true.


On the fitness competition that almost killed her:

Winning Miss Eugenia in the fitness competition in Mexico was the hardest thing in my life.  I almost died.  They work you to the bone.  I passed out so many times.  There was exhaustion, no eating and drinking no water 'cause you don't want that in your tissues.  So I was literally dying but I said I need to win and I did.  I'll never do a fitness competition again.

On being labeled a "dumb blonde"

I get that all the time but I get more out of people when I act like that.  They don't think you're smart so they will tell you smart stuff.  I just calculate it in my head and later on I'll go to Ice and say this person told me this.  So I'm a magnet and I absorb a lot.  I act dumb but that's only to collect information.

On her upcoming Licious Jeans line:

I've always had problems with things on the rack fitting me.  I would have to get them cut and have them trimmed in the waist.  So I'm like why not do a line with just jeans with stretchy material for women shaped like me?  I don't think you need to be super skinny.  So we got some great fabulous designs and girls are gonna go crazy.  I can't wait.  Even those guys that get dressed up in girl stuff will love it!

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February 26, 2010NewsComments2656 Views