Wendy Raquel Robinson: Love & Marriage Part 2 of 3

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By Souleo. In yesterday's part one of out three part series with the cast of Je'Caryous Johnson's Cheaper to Keep Her, Vivica A. Fox talked temptation, why we should all want a prenuptial agreement, keeping it sexy and more.  Now JimmyJazz.com presents to you her co-star Wendy Raquel Robinson's take on the topics of love and marriage.


Wendy, one of television's most recognizable faces from shows such as "The Steve Harvey Show," and "The Game," will celebrate her seventh year of marriage this year.  According to Wendy there's no seven year itch and she's offering tips on how you too can avoid it as she talks keeping the spice alive, complimenting your lover, why we need love now more than ever before and more.


Get a multiple personality disorder and then laugh:


"I think I have a multiple personality disorder because my husband never knows what to expect.  Being spontaneous and unpredictable keeps the fires burning.  Also, I love to laugh and there's healing in laughter.  Even in the not so good days I always try to remember to laugh in spite of myself as well."


If it's good let him/her know:


"I've learned how to value what you have when you have it.  You need to let that other person know their value and worth.  We are always in need of appreciation, a hug, kiss or a compliment from our mate."


What the world needs now is love:


"I think right now love is needed more than ever with the socioeconomic climate.  If we don't love each other we're gonna need a lot more help.  I think love and romance is on an incline but it's a very slow incline.  I'm hoping that it picks up 'cause success is nothing without somebody to share it with."


It ain't all about the Benjamin's:


"Money can't buy you happiness in a relationship.  I hope those who see the play leave understanding that it's not about money.  We get consumed with who is making money and doing this with it, but if we value each other it can be special."



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March 30, 2010Comments119 Views