Wendy Raquel Robinson: Raising 2,500 Children…

April 15, 2010NewsComments293 Views

...And Counting. By Souleo. You may know actress Wendy Raquel Robinson from her roles on sitcom's "The Steve Harvey Show," and "The Game," but there's another side to this bubbly actress and that's her commitment to enriching the lives of children through the arts.  A little over ten years ago, Wendy and the late Tracy Coley co-founded, Amazing Grace Conservatory, a year round theatrical institute for Los Angeles inner-city youth.


Wendy was inspired to start the program from her own experiences growing up in South Central and struggling to find her way in life.


"I had so much energy and nothing to do with it.  So the arts became an escape for me and it saved my life on so many levels.  It really gave me self-esteem and motivation," she revealed.


The program has been a success with many of its graduates going on to successful acting careers.


"I have working children in the business.  One student, Xosha Roquemore was in "Precious," playing Jo Ann.  They are doing some wonderful things and I even worked with some students on projects.  I'm seeing the payback and the great reward and it's been wonderful."


While working with youth has been deeply gratifying for Wendy it hasn't motivated her to have children of her own.


"No, I've raised 2,500 kids so those are my students and my children.  I don't think having children is gonna happen.  I work so closely with kids that I prefer seeing them on the weekends and then next week," she said with laughter.



April 15, 2010NewsComments293 Views