What's next for Wu-Tang?

December 27, 2013Comments292 Views
What's next for Wu-Tang?

It was a good year for Wu-Tang fans. As the Clan celebrated the 20th anniversary of their first album "Enter The Wu-Tang: 36  Chambers," they were touring Europe and the U.S. and supposedly in the studio working on their much anticipated sixth album, "A Better Tomorrow."

So what can we expect from them in 2014? It seems that all the members of the Clan have their own plans. According to Hip Hop DX, U-God recently told Montreality that he's focusing on his solo work, and already has over 20 songs in the makings. He also confirmed that the Wu-Tang album is in the works.

"We're gonna try and get it off. It takes a little time for us to get that right," the rapper said, as quoted by the news outlet. "I ain't trying to rush nothin'. Wanna make it right."

As far as the rumored remix of Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever" is concerned, U-God explained that they only had a three hour window for recording, so he doesn't know if fans will ever get a listen.

What Wu-Tang work are you most excited about hearing?

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December 27, 2013Comments292 Views