Who is 50 Cent listening to right now?

December 17, 2013Comments262 Views
Who is 50 Cent listening to right now?

50 Cent has been working hard this year outside the studio. Between his upcoming Starz TV show "Power" and a new headphone company, the rapper has a lot going on beyond making music. So what albums is he listening to for inspiration between projects?

In a recent interview with Complex magazine, he discussed the state of the hip hop industry. After being asked what artists are blaring through his headphones right now, he gave a somewhat surprising answer: Miley Cyrus. While he admitted that his tastes constantly change, he admires the pop singer's creativity. He even compared her to Madonna, but noted that Cyrus has had a tougher time breaking out of her good​-girl mold.

Who else gets 50 Cent's respect? His Shady Records boss, Eminem.

"You see these other guys come out of nowhere almost, have huge hits," he explained. "I like Eminem. I think hip hop grew faster in different areas because of the success of his projects and there's no other rappers doing other than whatever's comfortable to them [despite Em's influence]."

So what's on your current playlist?

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December 17, 2013Comments262 Views