Will.i.am makes more than music

December 3, 2012NewsComments
Will.i.am makes more than music

Rapper Will.i.am has had a successful career within the music industry both with the Black Eyed Peas and as a solo artist. Now, it seems as though Will has decided to branch out into the world of technology. He was recently in London to promote his new line of accessories for iPhones, Freshness Magazine reports.

Will released the i.am + foto.sosho, an accessory that allows owners of the iPhone 4 and 4S to turn their phones into point and shoot cameras with built-in editing options, filters and the ability to connect to social media outlets.

The i.am + foto.sosho comes in two unique styles. The first version is white with gold trim and offers fans a vintage look with modern flair. This option comes with three interchangeable lenses - standard, wide macro and fish eye. The foto.sosho V.4 has similar features but includes a slide-out keyboard on top of the standard lenses. Fans of this new accessory who have the iPhone 5 can expect to see an i.am + foto.sosho for the 5 early next year.

During a press conference in London, Will discussed the new product, Digital Trends reports.

"[The accessory will] turbocharge your iPhone camera," he told the media outlet. "You dock your phone into our device and it turns your smartphone into a genius phone. We take over the camera."

Would you want the phone accessory or do you think the iPhone cameras are good enough for your needs?

December 3, 2012NewsComments