Willie Taylor’s Sex Tape

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By Souleo. Well, not quite.  Willie Taylor of Day 26 may have had naked pictures leaked last year but the only sex tape he is issuing is his latest mixtape entitled, Sex Tape.  Sorry for the tease.  Throughout the mixtape Willie offers up tales of pleasure but what you may be surprised to know is that he didn't always know how to "Knock it Out of the Park," when it came to his sexual prowess.  As a young man he revealed to JimmyJazz.com that he had a lot to learn about the art of making love.

"I thought I was good but I had a couple of teachers who helped me get better.  I thought it was about hearing noises.  My young age wanted to hear noise and screaming for the neighbors.  Plus in high school the girls like you and the guys boost you on so I started feeling like I was the king but that wasn't so," he said.

Willie has now reached a place where he is confident in his, ahem, skills.

"In my older life I realized there's so much more.  So now I don't want loud screams.  I want passionate ones and to take my lady to a place she never been before and keep her going there every time.  Now I feel like I'm at a point where I can say I'm good and my wife vouches for that," he said.

Still with all the confidence he has now he doesn't see himself as a sex symbol despite constantly taking off his shirt for fans.

"I leave that up to the ladies and people who want to call me that.  I don't toot my own horn.  If you think I look nice then thank my mommy and my dad," he joked.

For Willie the mixtape release is also about more than just sex and music.  It's about him stepping front and center as an entrepreneur and the CEO of his own label, Noivak Music.

"I want to brand my label and that's why the mixtape is out under Noivak.  This way people can identify the label and get familiar with it so that when my artists come out they can trust the brand," he said.

Willie is also slated to get back into the studio this month with Day 26.  No doubt, they will be creating some more steamy songs for listeners.

You can get your freak to Willie's Sex Tape at the stroke of midnight on Valentine's Day when it become available for free download here: www.noivakmusic.com


Photos: Fred King @ King Vision Photography


February 11, 2010NewsComments219 Views