Wiz Khalifa pens deal with Converse

March 15, 2013KicksComments
Wiz Khalifa pens deal with Converse

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is already off to a great 2013 - he not only had his first child with fiance Amber Rose, but just announced he'll be teaming up with Converse for a new project. Khalifa took to his Twitter page March 12 to announce the good news. 

"Finally got my converse deal!!! I'm [expletive] amped!" the rapper wrote to fans on his account. "I did an ad for my boys but this [expletive] here is MAJOR."

Despite the happiness Khalifa clearly feels about the new project, he didn't let any of the details of the collaboration slip. MTV reports fans might not be too shocked about the recent partnership, since the rapper has had such a long history with the brand. 

Khalifa has been rocking different pairs of the Converse brand from the time he first broke onto the scene, and has continued to rep Chuck Taylor All Stars of all shapes and designs ever since. Converse has also featured the rapper in a few of its advertisements, but it seems the latest deal is going to be big.

HipHop DX reports Khalifa won't be the first rapper or major celebrity to partner up with the iconic sneaker and clothing company. Big name artists like Kid Cudi and Big Boi have also worked alongside Converse in years past. 

Since Khalifa reported the deal was "major," many are speculating what it could entail. According to MTV, Khalifa could be getting his own line with the company, or he could even be working to come up with a clothing line based on his unique and sometimes out-there fashion sense. 

What do you think Khalifa will be doing with Converse? Would you wear his shoes or clothing or is his style too unique for your taste?

March 15, 2013KicksComments