Wiz Khalifa making new music

February 5, 2013NewsComments
Wiz Khalifa making new music

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has dominated the spotlight as of late, but not for his music, instead for the impending birth of his first child with fiance Amber Rose. Khalifa might be able to hit the record studio now, but his life is set to change in about a month. TMZ talked to the couple and they admitted she is due sometime in late February.

Even with a newborn on the way, the rapper seems to be getting the creative juices flowing again - he recently released a remix to Drake's latest single "Started From The Bottom." 

BET reports the original version of the song dropped on February 2, and Khalifa admitted he felt he needed to add his spin on it right away.

"I know that song juss [sic] came out lol but I think it speaks to all of us so I put my verse on it before everyone else does," the rapper wrote to his fans in a statement. 

The original track talks about Drake's path to fame and how certain obstacles along the way helped shape the artist he is today. Khalifa made sure to stick with the theme - rapping about his former feud with Waka Flocka as well as he once turned down an invite to tour with Drizzy.

Do you like Drake's new track? Do you think it's better with Khalifa?

February 5, 2013NewsComments