The world on your time: Spotlight on new watches

September 27, 2013Comments302 Views

A man's watch is more than just an accessory - it's his partner in crime.

It tells you when you need to leave for the concert, how long you can stay at the party, and whether you have to call in to work because you're running late. Considering how much you rely on this piece, it should be a perfect blend of function and fashion.

Enter: the new unique statement watches at Jimmy Jazz. The Flud Tabletures Watch is made for a man who has class, but doesn't fear a little flash. With a bold square shape, gleaming gold finish and a stark black turntable face, this is the timepiece of a true boss.

For an avid athlete, the shock- and water-resistant G-shock Sports Watch has a multi-function alarm, countdown timer and a stopwatch function for all your competitive antics. Fiery red accents against a pitch black background will definitely draw some attention, too.

If you're a nocturnal type, slip on the classic G-shock watch in a black and copper theme or metallic gray with green details - the backlight will make sure you can keep time even in the wee hours of your urban nightlife.

What's your taste when it comes to a timepiece?

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September 27, 2013Comments302 Views