Wu-Tang’s Secret Album Revealed: 51 Whole Seconds

May 7, 2014NewsComments204 Views

A 51-second clip of the highly secret upcoming Wu-Tang album has been made available on Forbes.comSenior editor Zack O’ Malley traveled 3,500 miles to Morocco last month to have this gem bestowed on his greatness.

Yesterday, O’Malley, who tweets under the handle @zogblog, posted a link to a Forbes mini-documentary which features a whopping 51 seconds of Wu-Tang genius. The clip includes the vocals of Ghostface Killah and guest artist Cher (who contributed two songs to the album, according to Rollingstone.com). The Wu-Tang collective have been recording the album, titled The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, secretly over the last couple of years.

According to the RZA, there will only be one copy of this album, and it is being likened to a rare work of art. There is also a unique release strategy, with the album going to the highest bidder. RZA announced the album for the first time in an exclusive Forbes interview, when he revealed back in March that the group had already received a 5 million dollar offer. Said RZA, “We’re about to sell an album like nobody else sold it before.”

In his story released earlier today, O’Malley writes, “Flying more than 3,500 miles from New York to Casablanca for less than a minute of music may seem a bit extravagant,” before admitting that this Wu-Tang story is one of the biggest in entertainment this year. In the mini-doc, O’Malley sits with the album’s producer, Tariq “Cilvaringz” Azzourgarh, and gets exclusive details about the making of the album.

This secret album is not to be confused with Wu’s other upcoming album, A Better Tomorrow, which is likely to be missing one member after a public fallout between Raekwon and the RZA took place last month. In a Rolling Stone interview, Raekwon expressed his not so favorable opinion of the new music, and said that his contract had yet to be negotiated. No word yet on whether Rae adhered to RZA’s proposed 30-day ultimatum to agree to the terms. But if he does, we’re sure it will be more than 51 seconds.


--Kim Osorio


May 7, 2014NewsComments204 Views