Is Wu-Tang's Secret Album Worth Millions?

April 7, 2014Comments225 Views
Is Wu-Tang's Secret Album Worth Millions?

Ever since The Wu-Tang Clan announced that only one copy of their secret album "Wu - Once Upon A time In Shaolin" would be released for bidding, die-hard hip hop fans have been checking their bank accounts. Already, the auction seems to be doing pretty well.

According to The Source, RZA reported that some jaw-dropping million-dollar offers have been made from people he knows in the film and music industries, as well as total strangers. One bid was for $5 million.

Apparently, the rapper thinks the album is worthy of this much dough. HipHopDX reported that in an exclusive interview, RZA compared the album to the Mona Lisa in terms of rarity.

"It may be worth $20 million. It may be worth $100 million," he said, as quoted by the news outlet. "Who knows? That's the value that a person puts upon it. That's what art is about."

What do you think the coveted Wu-Tang album deserves?

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April 7, 2014Comments225 Views