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By Souleo. Wyclef Jean announced he is running for president of Haiti and Sean Penn ain't having it; Queen Latifah ignites gay rumors once again; Lady Gaga admits the obvious (drug use); nominations for MTV's Video Music Awards create a battle of the Stans; and a proposed mosque near the 9/11 site leads to major controversy.  It's all here in this week's round-up.  Don't be scared.

Sean Penn Challenges Wyclef Jean's Presidential Bid

Wyclef Jean's announcement that he is running to be the president of Haiti in the aftermath of the country's natural disaster has elicited a range of reactions: surprise, hope and suspicion.  Actor, Sean Penn has had the latter reaction as he called out Wyclef for allegedly mishandling $400,000 of his Yele Haiti charity (Wyclef has since stepped down from the organization) and questioning if he really has the ability to make a difference.  Hmmm, food for thought.

"the fact remains that Haiti needs someone who understands politics and is ready to give his life for his country. Haiti needs a president who actually resides on the island and not someone who will fly in every 6 months. I think it's ridiculous that anyone thinks Wyclef Jean is qualified to run a nation when he couldn't even run his own business affairs. His own band member (who is also Haitian) refuses to endorse him."



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Commenter:  Sandra Rose

Is This What a "Straight" Woman Does?

For years Queen Latifah has beat around the bush (no pun intended) when it comes to allegations that she is a lesbian.  Well, the cat may be out of the bag this time (again, no pun intended) with these recent pictures of her and personal trainer/"friend" Jeanette Jenkins embracing on a yacht.  As this commenter notes few are surprised at the pictures and many would support the Queen if she is in fact a lesbian and comes on out..



"now who didn't know Cleo was a lesbian?? C'mon son! LOL! Do you Queen! That's her business!"

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Commenter:  Anonymous

Lady Gaga Admits Drug Use

Here she goes again, grabbing headlines with one of her "shocking" revelations.  Well, I can't say I was super surprised by Lady Gaga admitting she "occasionally" snorts cocaine in an interview with Vanity Fair.  I mean after all she doesn't come across as a little conservative homemaker.  Still, the commenter below is quite funny for their reaction to the news.

"Now I know why her music stink ....



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Commenter: surely


The Stans Can't Take It!

MTV's Video Music Award nominees were recently announced and while Lady Gaga nabbed a historic 13 nominations for the year, it is the nominations surrounding Beyonce and Rihanna that has Stans acting a fool on the blogs.  It is so hilarious when the Stans defend celebrities like it's their mama.

"Beyonce got 8 Noms while sitting on her a** while Rihanna working and falling on stage only got 1 lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



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Commenter:  BLASIAN


August 9, 2010NewsComments