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Rihanna and that other non-singing talent, Ciara tweet their animosity toward one another; Libya begins the most violent crackdown on anti-regime change thus far this year; and American workers fight for the right to work. Beef is in the air.


It's about to be a what? Girl fight!

I could really care less about Rihanna and Ciara do but when they start verbally attacking one another well just like everyone else, I gotta take notice. Ciara appeared on "Fashion police," and said that, "Rihanna used to be so nice. I just saw her and she wasn't the nicest." Rihanna did not take that lying down and the two went back and forth insulting one another on Twitter and displaying their immaturity. And you know that means that some folks had to put their two cents in it. So, none other than comedian, Katt Williams got low down and dirty too.

"But why Ciara trying to fight Rihanna tho? Men aint supposed to hit women."

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Commenter: @kattwilliams


President Obama tells Libyan leader to step off!

Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi refuses to go away quietly after launching a bloody crackdown on those protesting his rule. In response President Barack Obama said it is time for Gaddafi to go. In addition the U.N. Security Council imposed an asset freeze and a travel ban on the Gaddafi family. The Council also backed an arms embargo. Furthermore, Council members will refer the case for an investigation of possible crimes against humanity. As the commenter below notes humanity shall prevail.

"It is for the PEOPLE of Libya to see this through.. WITHOUT interferen­ce from outside. It must be THEIR victory in the end.. otherwise it is just another form of subjugatio­n & I give a GREAT deal of credit to President Obama for handling this the right way...There have been tyrants & mȗrderers & for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

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Commenter: DocStrangelove

Fight for the right to work

What appears to be a global week of beef continued in U.S. streets this week in reaction to Wisconsin's state Assembly approval of Republican Governor Scott Walker's proposal to deny public sector unions of most collective bargaining rights. The plan can't take full effect without the state Senate approval, but Senate Democrats have fled the state and refuse to vote until Governor Walker negotiates. Thousands of Americans rallied across the nation to stand up for public sector union rights since many believe that corporations want unlimited and dangerous power. Do you agree with the commenter below?

"only when this country gets more union members will the have nots have some power to take on the haves.

the haves ( wealthy citizens and corporatio­ns ) want to crush the unions to increase their own power to control the government­."

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Commenter: rebar10issguy


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February 28, 2011NewsComments