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Rapper T.I. just can't get enough trouble; actress Gabourey Sidibe is at the center of a beauty controversy; another case of human trafficking sheds light on the state of contemporary slavery; boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. may soon be fighting his way all over prison; and Black women everywhere can heave a sigh of relief after a woman's accusations are proven false.  Oh yeah, we got the juice.


T.I. Must Have a Thing For Jail Cells

After serving time for his 2009 gun possession conviction, going on a media tour of redemption and being placed on probation it appears that rapper, T.I. still hasn't learned a damn thing.  T.I. is now being ordered to appear before a judge after failing a drug test following his September, 1st bust for possession of marijuana, codeine and ecstasy.  The commenter below pretty much sumps up everyone's thoughts on T.I. at this point.


"T.I stands for tremendous Idiot...Now tiny gone spend all his money"


Commenter: tiplite2004


Gabourey Sidibe Just Can't Win

If Howard Stern isn't busy telling the world that she will never have a legitimate Hollywood career or if she isn't being ridiculed online for her weight then the hot topic when it comes to Gabby is her skin color.  Many are accusing the prestigious Elle magazine of lightening her skin to play into beauty standards.  I'm with the commenter below who thinks everyone should just chill out and appreciate the fact that Gabby broke barriers for women everywhere with this cover.

Ok let's be real people, Gabby Sidibe is a talented young woman; which is why she is gracing the cover of Elle. However they have a standard to maintain as a fashion magazine. Why are we criticizing the editorial choices made only to enhance her photo? They didn't lighten her skin, they gave her great lighting! As they should have. Given her size, Gabby's full body shots probably weren't as flattering as her close up. And this is the loveliest photo I've ever seen of her. Can't we just appreciate that?


Commenter: mirhya

Slavery Ain't Over Yet

They may not be in chains on a plantation but there are still victims of slavery in the U.S. and abroad.  Sophia Manuel, 41, and Alfonso Baldonado Jr., 45, pled guilty to conspiring to hold 39 Filipino workers against their will working in country clubs and hotels in the Florida city of Boca Raton.  The workers were placed in poor living conditions, worked for little or no pay and were threatened with serous economic harm and/or possible incarceration if they failed to comply with demands.  So here is some food for thought from the commenter below on the reality of slavery in modern times.


Don't worry. This will be commonplace with avg. American citizens in as many years. Once the plans are complete and the top 10% get 95% of the wealth we will truly have a modern serf/ slave culture just like the good old' days. You laugh, but look around......


Commenter:  Once A Patriot


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Has a Stormy Forecast Ahead

Things ain't looking too good for the popular boxer these days.  Following an alleged domestic incident with his baby mama in Las Vegas he is now being charged with felony counts of coercion, robbery and grand larceny, plus four misdemeanors.  If convicted of all charges he could end up behind bars for 28 years.  Yikes!  No one knows what to believe in this story except for the commenter below who seems to think it's another ploy to avoid fighting Manny Pacquiao a.k.a Pacman.


Have to hand it too him... it could really be another great excuse.... sorry pacman im in jail.... i have to hand it to him... the things he does just not to fight pacman... maybe he feels safer away for 28 years to protect his record....


Commenter: Raymond


Don't Blame it on a Sista

Bethany Storro has a lot of explaining to do.  Bethany has been proven a liar after creating a media firestorm and police hunt for a Black woman, whom she alleged threw acid in her face.  It's been revealed that she has a history of mental illness and made up the story, which led to many message boards being shut down due to racist messages aimed at Black women.  As the commenter below notes, Bethany may not be that crazy after all.


She wasn't that insane.  She knew to blame a black woman and had a damn good story to match...


Commenter: aqtpie


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