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July 19, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. R&B singer The Dream creates a nightmare for himself with an apology letter to Christina Milian and rumors of cheating; the sports world loses one of it's greats with the passing of NY Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner; "Bottoms Up," the new single by Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj sets off the internet's gaydar; Wesley Snipes can't beat the system and is off to jail; and could we have another Vietnam on our hands?  It's all here in this week's round-up.  Get with it.

My, My What a Bad Dream

According to the clever commenter below The Dream's "apology" letter to Christina Milian might as well be signed by just about every male celebrity in Hollywood.  With all the revelations of cheating and shady behavior I can't disagree much.


"Sincerely signed by Swizz Beats, D. Wade and the Dream...All three of these fathers who failed to work it out with their "not hot anymore" wives should start an outreach program for men on the come-up who subscribe to the more money more women necessary policy..oh, and Tiger can be the president and Diddy can be top recruiter setting up the secret meeting spots for the initial affair."




Commenter:  lily12e


George Steinbrenner Enters Heaven, Well Almost

The commenter below wonderfully plays off of George's public reception as both a celebrated and at times controversial figure in this sweet and funny imagining of him trying to get into Heaven.



"(Bob Sheppard in Heaven) Ladies and Gentlemen may I get your attention please, now entering the Pearly Gates, owner of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner (St Peter) Not so fast Mr Sheppard we have to talk with George first but I'm sure he'll get in LOL."

Commenter:  robkinnjusa


The Bottom Line with Trey Songz

This commenter gets to the bottom (yes, pun intended) of Trey's new single that is raising eyebrows.  While the interpretation may be a little uhm, extra it's still an entertaining perspective.


"The funny thing is that soon the negro is just going to make a song called "I'm Gay", and his fans will say "he just means that he's happy", lol. The man came out as a h*mosexual in the Drake video, "Best I Ever Had", along with that other h*mosexual "Fabolous". That video was a metaphor for how Drake was sexed into the industry, and Fabolous and Trey appeared because they were two of the ones that did it obviously. Then they follow that guest appearance up with "Say Ahh", which is obviously about fellatio between these "down low" clowns in the industry. Now "Bottoms Up". You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see what the man is implying."



Commenter:  JUDAH

IRS Bites Deep into Wesley Snipes' Pockets

Aww, man they got Nino Brown and Blade.  Okay, it's really just Wesley but with his iconic action roles you'd think he could beat the system with just one swift move or evil glare.  Apparently not.



"The only vampires 'Blade' cant beat....the IRS."



Commenter:  LABodyguard


Vietnam 2010?

With the public support of the U.S. war in Afghanistan decreasing the commenter below gets to the heart of the matter by noting how similar this situation is becoming to Vietnam.  Let's not repeat history.



"People are correct when they point out that, unlike Vietnam, Afghanistan is not the subject of mass outrage because young men are not being drafted to fight. But if we do stand as one and say that we've had enough, our involvement in Afghanistan will end just as it did in Vietnam. We *have* to be angry and Washington has to know it--nothing less will do."



Commenter:  JDM73


July 19, 2010NewsComments