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The iPhone is watching you; baseball dynamo, Barry Bonds is found guilty; and the oil spill keeps on affecting lives.  Try to digest it all now.


iPhone knows what you did last week

That iPhone you have in your pocket is great at storing your calendar, email and iTunes but it's also tracking and recording your every move.  According to security researchers Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan, your iPhone or iPad stores every step you take on an unencrypted file format that anyone can easily access.  Some folks are up in arms while others are immune to our increasing lack of privacy.

"Who cares. Big brother can find you just by accessing your phone records..If someone is so worried about this tracking device then leave the IPhone at home Use a pay phone, that is if you can find one ha ha"

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Commenter: Louis A Delgado


Barry Bonds strikes out

It's been a long eight years since the case surrounding major league players' use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs began but finally there is closure.  Albeit it's not the kind of closure baseball icon, Barry Bonds wants as he has been found guilty of obstruction of justice. The jury couldn't make a determination on his three other charges including allegations of steroids usage.  The commenter below thinks it was all a waste of time and money.

"We should be pissed the fed's are wasting our money pursuing these cases, the government can lie and cheat and steal but god forbid an athlete does."

Source: www.tmz.com

Commenter: mija


Show me the money!

The Deepwater Horizon offshore oil-drilling rig crisis is one of the world's largest environmental disasters.  It caused 11 deaths, personal injuries, has tainted the environment and left many poor.  Now those who want their payouts from oil company, BP are getting frustrated since they feel the process is too slow and cumbersome.  According to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and the commenter below one of the issues may be that 30,414 lack proper documentation, such as bank statements, W2s or W9s to receive their claims.  Do you agree or think that the government is letting down victims of the oil spill?

"I am a claims analyst for an insurance company, so I understand the process. It has nothing to do with a wacky government, BP wanting to hold onto the money etc.; and EVERYTHING to do with people not understanding the concept of providing necessary documentation to process a claim.  "

Source: www.theroot.com

Commenter: Momma


April 25, 2011NewsComments