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The formerly incarcerated now have a greater chance at finding work in Philadelphia; Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has his own plans for Planned Parenthood and Florida tackles the greatest issue in the world by outlawing bestiality. The times are changing.


You better work

Last week, Philadelphia joined the states of New Mexico, Connecticut, Hawaii and Minnesota in banning employers from asking about one's criminal history on an application. The measure does allow for employers to inquire about criminal records during the interview and run background checks after the first interview. While the commenter below doesn't trust the sincerity of the measure he does bring up a good point. Is it fair to deny the formerly incarcerated access to opportunities and then wonder why the recidivism rate is so high?

"The system slapped all these felonies on these brothers that make it now impossible for them to get a job and pay child support but now the system is tired of paying for all these kids and they want their money. It wasn't Kindness that drove them to do this. Non-working felons are just too expensive to society and politicians are learning they can't have it both ways-- you can't round up and imprison Black men all willy nilly AND have them be productive members of society. Pick one."

Source: www.theroot.com

Commenter: if anything be noble


A bad plan for Planned Parenthood?

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels doesn't like Planned Parenthood. You can discern that since he signed a measure Tuesday that will make Indiana the first state to cut off federal funding to the organization. Of course Planned Parenthood is up in arms and says that the cuts are unconstitutional and will leave 22,000 patients without access to Pap tests and other non-abortion services. Some folks like the one below feel as if these issues have less to do with the government's responsibilities and more with controlling your libido.

"How about closing your legs? That is one method of birth control. Of course, that would never work for the highly sexed and uneducated masses."

Source: www.theroot.com

Commenter: Kiki West


No petting allowed

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that the Florida legislature has succeeded in passing an anti-bestiality bill. I mean this issue was weighing heavily on the consciousness of America. But seriously, the bill is now waiting to be signed by Governor Rick Scott. While this seems like a waste of time when more pressing issues such as war and employment need addressing there is one potential bright side to it all.

"So this means that the republican­s will only have themselves to have sex with. THAT is a big burden off of the democrats and independen­ts."

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Commenter: verylargehat



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May 16, 2011NewsComments