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Fantasia nearly robs the world of her glorious voice with an alleged suicide attempt supposedly over a man; JetBlue flight attendant, Steven Slater becomes the hero of many overworked and underpaid Americans with a dramatic airplane exit; Angelina Jolie comes under sharp criticism for her daughter Shiloh's fashion choices; could Google and Verizon lead us to the end of the Internet as we know it; and genetically modified sugar beets are put on hold, thank the Lord!  It's all here in this week's round-up.  You know you want the scoop.


Don't Let Fantasia's Lover Off the Hook

It's been a hell of a week for singer, Fantasia.  Not only did she endure the wrath of the media and public when her lover, Anwtaun Cook's wife accused her of breaking up their home and filming a sex tape, but the poor girl went and allegedly tried to commit suicide over the whole ordeal.  Fantasia we are praying for you.  In the aftermath so much blame and focus has been on Fantasia but as the commenter below notes we should not forget that Antwaun needs to be held accountable too.  After all he potentially bamboozled both his wife and Fantasia.

...we have no idea what this man was telling Fanny as you call her when they first got together...If the bama say it's complicated yeah i'm married but we've been separated...LIAR let him finalize his divorce first and then if he's still interested come back but until then let that cheater be with someone else...

Source:   www.theybf.com

Commenter: Tasha

This is How You Quit Your Job

Have you ever wanted to just quit your job on the spot and not look back?  Well, Steven Slater, a JetBlue flight attendant did just that but in a dramatic style fit for a movie scene.  After allegedly being cussed out by a passenger who was violating airplane rules and then accidentally getting hit on the head by the passenger's luggage, Steven did the unthinkable.  Steven cussed out the passenger over the loudspeaker, activated the emergency slide, grabbed a beer and made his grand exit.  Whether he was wrong or right the whole situation underscores the daily frustration of America's workforce.

"What he did resonated with so many people because many are feeling the pressure of
a failed economy, a disengaged president, are asked to take on more responsibility for less pay and a rude public."

Source:   www.radaronline.com
Commenter:  gutsygirl


Just let a Girl Dress Like a "Boy"

Actress, Angelina Jolie is on the defense when it comes to her 4-year old daughter, Shiloh's non-traditional female attire.  With her penchant for swimming trunks, ties and loose pants, many are having a stroke over the young girl's tomboy look.  Why do people even care is beyond me.  As this commenter notes we should care less about what Shiloh is wearing and more about the perms we give our children to look like Beyonce.

"You have to pick your battles. And personal appearance as long as it is not offensive or harmful to others is not one of them in a lot of households. Get over it! This same mentality is what has ppl perming the chit outta their babies hair and chit! Trying to conform!"

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Commenter:  OutsidetheBox


Quick, Somebody Protect the Internet


It's already happening; the powers that be are slowly but surely tightening their grip over the Internet.  Well according to net neutrality advocates such is the case with Google and Verizon's joint policy proposal for an "open Internet."  Many along with the commenter below fear that such a proposal is a way for the companies to create a pay-to-use Internet system that will raise prices for certain actions and lead to a corporate takeover of the world wide web.  So if you want to freely and easily download your scandalous material you might want to take heed.

"These companies want us to think that they have limited capacity and that they can't keep up with speed and content demands. That's how they justify this and when it all comes down to it, my bits are no different than everyone else's bits. There should be NO discrimination of information origin or use."

Source:   www.pcworld.com

Commenter: wolfmoon13


Don't Drink the Water or Eat the Sugar

Be careful what you eat because if corporations (Monsanto Co. and others) and select scientists have their way most of tomorrow's food won't be the real thing.  Thankfully, a federal judge has placed an obstacle to making that a reality by removing the government's green light of genetically altered sugar beets until there is a more thorough review of what it all means for consumers.  In a world of fake breasts, lips, and faces can't we at least ingest real food?

"About time. Monsanto and all the other corporate greed machines need to be reigned in. We aren't on this planet to ingest their experiments so they can reap profits and monopolize the market."

Source:   www.huffingtonpost.com

Commenter:  Scooder


August 17, 2010NewsComments