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Dwayne Wade attempts to be White and sparks a debate about race; Haiti faces another major crisis; Charlie Sheen may have to pay up for losing his cool with porn star Capri Anderson; and did President Barack Obama pull a fast one on the American people with a false terror threat?  The truth is out there.


Black or White?

NBA star, Dwayne Wade may have just created the most controversial Halloween costume of the year by putting on Whiteface to portray pop singer, Justin Timberlake.  While some folks find this to be a humorous costume others find it just plan creepy since it's not a flattering look.  But on a more serious note the main quibble as the commenter below notes is that Dwayne's costume is a double standard since a White person in Blackface would cause serious alarm.

"...it's not ok because if it was the other way around u guys would be very upset and u know it."

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Commenter:  coco8800


Haiti On the Brink

Following the major outpouring of support during the aftermath of the devastating Haiti earthquake, the country faces even more challenges.  According to the United Nations there have been 4,000 infections of the diarrheal disease cholera, more than 420 new cases and a total of 284 deaths from the disease.  The crisis situation has many wondering where did all the money go that was raised to help Haiti.

"What the heck happened to all the money that was donated and/or given by this country and others? Why aren't the reporters investigating and reporting on that story? This is not the first time billions have been given to this country only to see it get stolen and/or wasted. The money from this country would be better spent fixing things in this country."

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Commenter: Robert


Just Another Gold Digger?

Actor Charlie Sheen is about to face a lawsuit from porn star, Capri Anderson.  It all begins with his meltdown in a New York City hotel where he trashed the room.  Capri claims that she felt her life was in danger and that Charlie kept her in the hotel room against her will.  However, no one is really buying her story including officials who revealed no plans to file criminal charges against Charlie.  Looks like this may be just another wannabe Kat Stacks minus the irritating voice.

"Charlie will waive some cash and the hooker will go away...nothing exciting here to see."

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Commenter: jon

Who's Terrorizing Who?

The good news: a terrorist plot was averted.  The bad news: it all may have been a set-up by the government.  The latter is the response some folks are having after U.S. President Barack Obama announced that the government averted a "credible terrorist threat," involving a mail bomb plot from Yemen to Chicago that may have been aimed at blowing up flying planes.  What has some suspicious is the fact that British investigators found a package that that had been "manipulated" to look like a bomb.  And all this comes in the race for midterm elections.  Whether or not the threat was real as the commenter below notes one should always consider where the information is coming from when making a determination.

"Consider the sources. That is all."

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Commenter: proberson07


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November 1, 2010NewsComments