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Japan experiences a major earthquake; "Real Housewives of Atlanta," star and singer-songwriter, Kandi Burruss' dead fiancé's daughter is in critical condition; and Illinois abolishes the death penalty.  The drama begins now.


Japan's Ferocious Earthquake

By now, you all should have heard about the massive 30-foot tsunami created by one of the largest earthquakes ever in recorded history (8.9 magnitude) that devastated Japan's eastern coast Friday March 11, 2011.  The natural disaster is expected to have killed hundreds in Japan and the tsunami then spread to Hawaii.  Furthermore, in Japan, the area surrounding a nuclear power plant in the northeast was evacuated after the reactor's cooling system did not take effect.  No radiation leaks have been reported but the situation has left some questioning nuclear energy period.

"Will this change people's minds about nooklur energy? I doubt it - BP's Well from He// dint change their minds about off shore drilling."

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Praying for Asheley Jewell

It seems that when the "Real Housewives of Atlanta," cast isn't making headlines for childish arguments they are experiencing heavy personal drama.  Such is the case for Kandi Burruss as news broke this week that her deceased fiancé's 15-year old daughter, Asheley Jewell, was wounded in an apparent road rage shooting.  Our prayers go out to Jewell's family and loved ones.


"So sad. There is so much anger in the world and it's getting worse. Just like the guy in the previous post who punched the woman for the parking space. Too many people are selfish and mean. I hope she makes a full recovery."

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No more lethal injections in Illinois

According to the Center on Wrongful Convictions at the Northwestern University School of Law, of the 298 men and women who were given the death penalty in Illinois, 20 have been exonerated - a rate of more than 6 percent.  This is the highest exoneration rate of all the states within the nation that allow the death penalty.  In response Governor Pat Quinn, has decided to abolish the death penalty in Illinois, effective July 1, 2011.  While this is a very sensitive subject the commenter below highlights a significant point.  If it were you on the other end and was wrongfully sentenced how would you feel?


"...And for the people that use the "well if your family was murdered you would belive in the death penalty". I say this...If you could be 100% certain in ALL cases that the person was guilty of the crime condemned for, well yes. But there is NO WAY you can be 100% certain. And I ask you this, "How would you like to be the innocent one sitting on death row about to be murdered by your country?"

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March 14, 2011NewsComments