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January 3, 2011NewsComments

The world lost one of the greatest soul singers ever with the passing of Teena Marie; meanwhile R&B singers Chris Brown and Raz B engage in Twitter beef and the iPhone and Hotmail deliver some unexpected glitches. The world stops making sense after the jump.


The Ivory Queen of Soul Passes

The world of music lost one of its greatest voices as Teena Marie went to sit atop a milky cloud and serenade the angels above. Teena was a groundbreaking recording artist who proved that soul music has no color, as she became one of "blue-eyed soul's" most successful artists. With an astounding body of work that includes such timeless hits as "Portuguese Love," "Ooh La La La," "Fire & Desire," (which featured her mentor and funk legend, Rick James) "Square Biz" and more she will always be remembered for being true to her talent, passion and musical mission.

"Tee was seen as odd when she first rolled up cause of her milky white skin contrasting with an all-cocoa coated surrounding. We were lucky she decided to play to the beat of her soul."

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Commenter: Terry


Chris Brown and Raz B Make Fools of Themselves

Whether it was out of desperation, boredom, or just plain old ignorance it seems that Chris Brown and Raz B couldn't resist pushing each other's buttons on Twitter this past week. Apparently it all started when Raz B called out Chris for "disrespecting" Rihanna, which led into a spiral of accusations, insults and violent threats. SMH. As this commenter notes Chris acted foolishly but so did Raz B. Grow up and make some decent music you two.

"Twitter has a block function for a reason. CB should have clicked it right off and save himself all this nonsense...Typical immature kiddie behavior...It's how YOU respond that determines if you're mature or not. Takes 2 to tangle...Obviously CB wanna play. Dont feel sorry for him."

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Commenter: CHECKMATE


What a Glitch!

Some folks had the inconvenience of ringing in the New Year with missed appointments and limited access to email. Well you can blame it all on the iPhone and Hotmail. Users of the iPhone complained after the non-recurring alarms failed to work for 2 days, while Hotmail users complained about missing emails from their accounts. The commenter below seems to have hit this nail right on the head.

"Well between this and iPhone calendar failure, sounds like the Y2K bug is 11 years late."

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Commenter: benji85


January 3, 2011NewsComments