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Jesse Jackson, Sr. is accused of harassment and discrimination by a gay employee; the latest vote by Republicans looks to destroy Medicare and Medicaid; and there is a new race growing in numbers and power. The times are changing now.


Jesse Jackson, Sr. under fire

Mister Cee may not be the only supposedly heterosexual male being exposed for seeking the pleasures of men. Tommy R. Bennet, a former employee of Jesse Jackson, Sr. has filed a wrongful termination and discrimination case against Jesse and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition. In the complaint, Tommy alleges that he was fired because he was gay and accuses Jesse of making suggestive sexual passes at him. Without hard evidence (no pun intended) this is just another case of he said/he said so until then let's have a laugh.

"Maybe he just wanted a little head line."

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Who will care for Grandma?

I'm not sure how or why this news item passed under the radar but it's quite troubling.  House Republicans passed a budget resolution to slowly but surely end the current Medicare system by offering partially subsidized private insurance. Plus they voted to allow some states to cut back on Medicaid's benefits for the poor and disabled. Here's hoping that AARP and all other invested organizations take a stand on this case of social injustice.

"Does the AARP take a stand on political issues? I sure hope so.

And meanwhile, these mofos have full medical coverage for themselves and their families. Wow, just wow. pure evil."

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Hispanics take the lead

It looks like the face of America's leading minority group is quickly changing. According to new Census figures, Hispanics outnumber African-Americans in most major U.S. cities. Hispanics are now the majority minority in 191 of 366 metro areas. This change will certainly effect how we deal with race relations, what issues politicians will pay attention to and whether or minority groups will be able to join together and take a united stand for political, social and economic progress.

"In coming years, black voters and their issues will be moved further and further into the margins, and down the pecking order of the Democratic agenda. In favor of the next wave of future voters."

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April 18, 2011NewsComments