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Michael Jackson gets disrespected; it pays to frequent porn shops; and all the Bill Gates in the world better prepare to relinquish some of that dough. Money talks after the jump.

Just leave Michael Jackson alone

The greedy are wasting no time profiting off of Michael Jackson's legacy with Sony's controversial release of a posthumous new album by the King of Pop. The album is being labeled a fraud by many of the Jackson family members and the release of the single, "Breaking News," has folks questioning if the vocals are even Michael's. Will.I.Am recently added in his two cents and noted that it's disrespectful to release MJ's unfinished music. I couldn't agree more.

"I believe it has everything to do with the money. I believe Michael left this legacy for his children (MJ3) & not all the others (Sony, Branca, McClain) who are profiting off of his hard work & efforts. Katherine & the children are not happy about this release. What does this tell you?"

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Commenter: KC


Put your money where your porn is

Who knew that hanging out at the local porn shop could result in someone winning a nearly $129 million jackpot. Well blessings came in abundance for Mike Greer and a group of close friends after they won the Powerball lottery with a ticket brought at a porn shop in Lansing, Michigan. But get this; they say it was the Lord who made it happen. Hmmm, check out this commenter's interesting take on that line.

""The only thing I can assume is that the Lord trusted us to do certain things with the money that He bestowed upon us," he said.....moments after paying the late fee for "shaving ryans privates." Ah yes, the lord does work in mysterious ways."

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Commenter: Seafarer61

Pay up, rich folks

After some miscommunication, President Obama has cleared the air to let the wealthy know that he has no plans to extend Bush's tax cuts to the wealthy. As the commenter below notes this is a great decision since something's gotta give. The wealthy have had a tax cut under former President Bush and still the economy has not recovered so let's remember the needy, shall we?

"...all the rich people got these tax cuts and the economy was tanking, jobs were being lost, and they just kept hoarding the money like they were saving for the end of the world, fast forward a few years and we are going to keep doing the same thing...The middle class and poor people need the money not the rich who helped make this mess in the first place."

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Commenter: Cariblife

November 15, 2010NewsComments