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By Souleo Prince William puts a ring on it and causes a debate; Wesley Snipes is sentenced to serve time; and we get one step closer to an updated missile defense system.  The time bomb is ticking.

Prince William gives fiancé the wrong ring?

While some people are congratulating Prince William on his recent engagement to Kate Middleton, others are concerned that he plans to give Kate the same ring that his father, Prince Charles, bestowed upon his mother, Princess Diana.  Folks wonder what happens to the ring if the marriage ends and Kate doesn't want to return it.  Then there are those like the commenter below who could care less.

"Yeah not really givin a damn either, probably won't later, hell may never give a damn cause either way my black arse cant afford to even look at the ring too long."

Source: www.sandrarose.com

Commenter: Cariblife


Wesley Snipes goes bye-bye

At least it's not another rapper making news for heading to the slammer as this time it's actor, Wesley Snipes.  Wesley is due to serve 3 years for tax-related crimes.  Some people believe Wesley is going to jail for the wrong crime.

"It is crazy to put him in prison for not paying taxes. He should be in prison for making Blade II"

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Commenter: MemphisBuffalo


NATO is up for "Star Wars"

President Obama announced this past week that NATO has agreed to his plans for a new, expanded missile defense system for Europe that would cover all NATO member countries and the Unites States.  While he couldn't outright acknowledge it, Iran is believed to be the main threat motivating such a program.  But for some the main threat may actually be the ones proposing this system.

"just what we need, more arms around the world. What do you expect from a nynch of war mongers."

Source: www.news.yahoo.com

Commenter:  Dan


November 22, 2010NewsComments