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October 25, 2010NewsComments

Kanye West has a tantrum over his album cover; Jimmy McMillan steals the New York governor's debate with 2010's best line and Willow Smith makes a splash on the pop scene.  It gets over the top down below.

To Ban or Not to Ban

Kanye's up to his old tricks it seems of creating unnecessary drama for the sake of well...drama.  This week Kanye implied that Walmart banned his album cover.  However, the retail giant put out a statement saying that is not the case.  As the commenter below notes this is likely another attention hungry move by Kanye but at least this time he didn't get on stage, insult a young singer and make a complete fool of himself.

"so it turns out Kanye is an attention whore, surprise."

Source: www.rapradar.com

Commenter:  Suppppppppp

The Rent is too Damn...HIGH!

Forget President Obama, there is a new promising leader in town, Jimmy McMilllan.  Jimmy made his political debut at this week's televised debates for New York's governor seat with the announcement of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

If there were ever a brilliant political marketing strategy then this is the one.  But as the commenter below notes we need such a party for jobs, healthcare, and well damn near everything.

"We also need a 'I Need a Damn Job Now' party."

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Commenter: eat.pray.vomit

Willow Smith Whips It

There is new diva in town and it's none other than Will Smith's daughter, Willow.  She debuted her highly anticipated video for the catchy single, "Whip My Hair."  But with so many hair changes and colors perhaps this would have been a more appropriate title:

"...she should change the title to "Whip My Weave"....just saying

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Commenter:  Milo


October 25, 2010NewsComments