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Chris Brown has a major diva tantrum; Wyclef Jean gets "grazed" by a bullet but some don't believe him; and wrestler, Anthony Robles who was born without his right leg becomes a champion. It's a mixed bag after the jump.


Chris Brown needs help

So when you're angry do you normally throw a chair against a window and run outside with your shirt off? Well, yes if you're Chris Brown. The troubled singer had a public meltdown after getting angered by "Good Morning America," co-host, Robin Roberts for bringing up the topic of his physical assault on Rihanna during their interview. Chris has since "apologized" for his actions but few are buying it including the commenter below. It seems as if Chris needs to truly get some mental health treatment and stay away from chairs.

"I hope this is a WAKE UP call...he definitely needs new handlers for sure. I believe he thinks what he did was 'cute' not realizing it could cost him his freedom. He needs to go sit down somewhere and stop being a baby."

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Commenter: BigCityGirl


Wyclef, who shot ya?

Was he or wasn't he remains the question surrounding Wyclef Jean's alleged shot in the hand. During the height of Haiti's Presidential elections, Wyclef appeared on CNN stating that a bullet grazed him but Haiti police authorities say he was cut by glass. Some commenters believe Wyclef may be pulling a publicity stunt. Hmm, can't say I would put it past him.

"I thought much of the same thing about Wyclef's character when he was attempting to run for the President of Haiti. Some people will do almost anything to get a headline. I'm not at all surprised with these developments...this man has absolutely zero creditability!"

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Commenter: Greg


An unfair win?

You can't tell Anthony Robles to break a leg because he was born without his right leg and he is still a major success in sports. Anthony is now the NCAA wrestling champion in the 125-pound weight class after defeating Matt McDonough from Iowa. As inspirational as this story is not everyone thinks it was a fair match. What do you think?

"big advantage imo...he's missing 25% of his bodyweight­, so the rest of him is WAY bigger and stronger than the other wrestlers.­..plus, he's so hard to practice for...cong­rats to him though"

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Commenter: djnc


March 28, 2011NewsComments