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Paris Hilton makes a career comeback with a new arrest; groupie turned Hollywood private investigator (sarcasm) Kat Stacks exposes Soulja Boy and may be his baby mama; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legacy gets abused in one day; and why politicians want to put a stopper on the flow of information.

Paris Hilton One-ups Fellow Train Wrecks

We have had the pleasure of not being subjected to Paris Hilton's shenanigans for quite a while now but it seems she misses the limelight.  To get back in center stage it appears she done went and got herself arrested for an alleged possession of cocaine.  Shocker!  Not!

"She's just smiling b/c she's making news.'Suck on that Kim Kardashian' is written all over her face."

Source:   www.dlisted.com

Commenter:  WWJDFAKB


Hate the Game, Not the Groupie

Kat Stacks has had quite the week.  Not only did she expose Soulja Boy for possible cocaine use and may be his baby mama but she also flirted with NBA player Carmelo Anthony on Twitter.  The latter action was enough to get Carmelo's wife, Lala Vasquez to tweet a threat and then have Carmelo put a bounty on Kat's head that may mean criminal charges for him.  As amoral as Kat Stacks' actions are I have to agree with the commenter below that these celebrity men really need to be more careful with who they associate themselves with.

"Is he serious? That's not even necessary. I mean damn, I know she trouble but she 
wouldn't have been putting ya buiz out on front street had yo nasty a** not messed 
with this STD-infected mole rat in the first place. Take responsibility..."

Source:   www.mediatakeout.com

Commenter: allenk893


Political Stunts in the name of Dr. King

Thousands gathered on the National Mall to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream," speech but the rally wasn't lead by the usual ones.  It was conservative commentator Glenn Beck and tea party advocate Sarah Palin using Dr. King's name to call for America to restore "honor."  Of course activist Al Sharpton couldn't let the moment go by without raising some kinda hell and he was there with a counter rally.  I can't blame Al much especially since it seems like a hypocritical political/publicity stunt by Glenn and Sarah (two folks with very controversial stances).   After all wasn't Sarah the one who defended Dr. Laura's excessive abuse of the N-word recently?  Hmmm...

"Beck delivered a lecture about honor, BP followed up with a lecture on protecting our environment, Mel Gibson spoke on anger management, and Sarah Palin closed with lecture about the effectiveness of abstinence only sex education."

Source:   www.huffingtonpost.com

Commenter:  johuyik

Hindering the Flow of Information

This is where the political red tape gets confusing but I will try my best to break it down for ya.  There is a Free Flow of Information Act which is being threatened with modifications after the Wikileaks scandal, which released classified military documents.  Despite the Pentagon's  report that the release of those documents did not endanger U.S. national security,  Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Dianne Feinstein want to specify that Wikileaks and other organizations like it should not be able to protect the identities of confidential sources.  Who cares?  Well, according to the commenter below we should because that would mean that the government is determining what validates a news outlet.  Also such a move would place fear in confidential sources from coming forward.  In an age of corporate domination when we can't always rely on  the mainstream news we need to protect sites like Wikileaks which do the job others don't do.

"...Our current government is expecting the people to relinquish our rights all in the name of security. We must remember the words of Benjamin Franklin when he said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. "

Source:   www.prisonplanet.com

Commenter:  nucleardiver


August 30, 2010NewsComments