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Charlie Sheen is about to deliver some tiger blood to Haiti; Beyonce works too damn hard for the "blood" money; and Da Brat is ready to clean your windows. The foolery starts now.


Charlie Sheen is WINNING...in Haiti?

If you thought you knew the definition of winning then think again. Actor Charlie Sheen has his own interpretation of winning and he debuted his new favorite word in a series of troubling, confusing and downright funny TV interviews. Charlie claims to be drug free and it appears that no one is buying that story. Still some people are in his corner including actor, Sean Penn who announced that Charlie will accompany him on a visit to Haiti.  This isn't the best idea to some people who think that the earthquake-ravaged country can't take any more pain.

"I never thought the situation in Haiti could get worse."

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Beyonce, girl, keep yo' check

Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi is receiving worldwide condemnation for his violent attacks on protestors and now folks are following the money trail. Apparently stars such as 50 Cent, Usher, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Nelly Furtado performed for Gaddafi and received a reported $1 million each. Folks now want the stars to return the "blood" money and donate it to charity. After coming under media scrutiny, Beyonce has announced that she donated the money to charity. But not everyone thinks the move was necessary.

"If I was Bey I would have said I worked for that money so I'm keeping it. People make me sick with misplaced morality. Money is made from liquor, wars (both domestic and abroad) i.e. Pres. Bush...VP Cheney need I say more. The clothing industry makes money off of sweat shops. Jewelry industry has blood diamonds. Give me a break she should have gien anything away unless she truly wanted to, not because of being socially morally obligated."

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Da Brat released from jail

It's been a long three years since we have heard the fast paced rhymes of animated rapper, Da Brat. It looks like that will change now that she has been released from prison after serving time for aggravated assault. In a video with her longtime friend and collaborator, Jermaine Dupri the rapper stated, "Guess whose back in the mother----ing house," she said in the video. "I'm out on a little pass. I had to do some lawyer, attorney stuff." Brat went on to thank her fans for their support and for sending her letters while she was locked away. The 36-year-old also revealed that her new job is the polar opposite of her musical career. "I make windows," she said. "If ya'll need a window, holla at ya girl. I'm doing my thing. When I come back I'm going to be making windows, movies, music, TV shows. Anything I can get my hands on."

Not everyone is impressed.

"Just hope she dont get her hands on any rum bottles ole 36 yo thug. Grow up, still sound like an idiot. Not remorseful at all and trying to tell the youth to not choose violence, but I make windows crap. Like something funny. She'll be back in the pokey because she sounds like she still stuck on idiot."

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March 7, 2011NewsComments